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Bedding Plants

No1 Greenhouse 2008
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Typical 'box' bedding. (Pansy Panola)
Most of the plants that fall under this heading are sold from number 1, 2 or 3 greenhouses during the months of April, May, June and July. Generally speaking these groups of plants are not hardy or at most half-hardy which means that they are for summertime selection. The majority are annual plants, meaning they survive one year.

Bedding, as the name suggests are traditionally used in beds or borders whilst patio plants are for tubs, pots, baskets and other containers. However there are no hard and fast rules, some bedding can go in pots and some patio’s can go in the ground. Half hardy plants may survive from year to year if provided with frost protection during the winter months.

Fuchsias can be found in number 1, geraniums in number 3 and miscellaneous varieties such as surfinias and bacopa are in number 2. All of our patio plants are grown by using 9cm (3.5”) pots which gives our plants a sizeable, sturdy root system. Despite using a pot which most mass producers shy away from, we still keep the majority of our range under £ 1 per pot.

There are too many varieties to list them all, name by name, colour by colour. Here are a few of the more common, best sellers. ACALYPHA, BACOPA, DIASCIA, FUCHSIA (double, single, hardy, trailing & upright), GERANIUMS (trailing, upright, scented, ivy & zonal), HELICHRYSUM, LOTUS, NASTURTIUM, MILLION BELLS, OXALIS, PETUNIA, SUFINIA, TORENIA & VERBENA.

In addition, every year we strive to bring you at least a couple of new varieties. Annual bedding plants are also grown by us, on site. This area is too big to have any one person in charge, so responsibility is shared among a number of staff members. We provide bedding plants for both Spring-Summer and Autumn planting.

For our pot grown bedding we prefer to use the same size pot as we do for patio plants. Just because the plants are less expensive than patio’s we feel, the quality should be the same. This theory follows through to our box grown bedding. We use two styles of cell format, polystyrene box.

The first and most common is the ‘Double Twelve’ as we call it. This box gives you 24 plants of a perfect size for potting on or planting straight out in the warmer months. If 24 of one variety are too many, this box can be snapped in half. The second box is for those varieties that may be slightly more expensive to produce, or that may require more root space. We call this box the ‘Double Six’. As the name suggests, this gives you twelve, almost pot quality, plants. Or, as with the other box, you can break it in half.

Seasonally we offer hanging baskets and containers pre-planted with our own selections of patio and bedding plants. These are ideal gifts or just perfect if you do not want to make then yourself.

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