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Most of our growing medium is supplied by one company. We use this company for one main reason, quality. We have found over the years that Levington, which is now part of the Scotts Miracle Gro group, has provided consistent levels of quality and affordability. Their professional grades of composts are used in our nursery for all growing.

The fact that we use Levington to grow our plants should give you extra assurance on it suitability and quality. The quantity of professional compost coupled with the large amount of retail compost that we order gives us excellent buying power, meaning that we can secure the best possible price deals available.

So, here are the Levington lines that we stock.
  1. Multi Purpose. For general purpose use from seedlings to mature planting.
  2. Multi Purpose and John Innes. For general purpose applications but more for shrub, tree and rose potting.
  3. Ericaceous. For general purpose use but specifically for planting acid loving plants such as camellia, azalea, rhododendron etc in pots or in the ground.
  4. Seed and Cutting. For the planting of seeds and seedlings.
  5. John Innes 2 and 3. A soil based compost, number 2 for potting on seedlings and number 3 for general purpose applications.
  6. Peat Free. An ideal compost for those of you that do not wish to use peat based products for ecological reasons. Designed for multipurpose applications and made mostly from wood waste.
  7. Gro Bags. There are various types or these available at peak times, from basic general purpose to ones specifically targeting salads, tomatoes and strawberries.
  8. Soil Conditioner. An excellent product make primarily from composted bark used to break up clay soils or generally improve the structure of your soils.
  9. Chipped Bark. Used for decorative effect, pathways and to suppress weed growth.

We have a couple of Miracle Gro branded products.
  1. Fruit and Veg Compost. Specifically aimed at vegetable and fruit growing.
  2. Moisture Control. Excellent multipurpose compost for containers, baskets, pots etc. It contains a moisture retention agent the aim of which is to help reduce watering in the summer months.
There are a few products from a smaller company. Michael King’s horticulture has over 40 years experience in the industry and we use them for three products.
  1. Moss Peat. A quality peat for a variety of uses. It will help break up clay or sticky soils, it is an excellent mulch, but above all it is used for planting acid loving plants in the ground.
  2. Sedge Peat. This is a cheap form of peat with a rich dark colour making it ideal for use as a weed suppressing mulch. I can also be mixed with soils to improve structure.
  3. Camelot. This is composted horse manure. Rich, dark and packed full of nutrients, this is a soil conditioner that will put hairs on your chest. It needs to be dug / mixed into your garden soil before planting.
In addition to composts we also stock a range of sands, gravels and grits for horticultural use. The largest grade we provide is a pea gravel which is 5mm nominal size.

We do not stock ornamental stones, cobbles or slates and prefer to leave these for other retailers who provide hard landscaping products.

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