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About Us

Clockhouse Cottage and outbuildings
Alwyn at the market
In January 1928 Archibald John Mills and family arrived at the Clockhouse Nursery, which is now owned and run by the third consecutive generation of the same family.

The Forty Hill site in Enfield previously part of the Clockhouse estate, grew fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers for the main house. Fruits, vegetables and flowers continued to be grown and sold at market in Enfield Town, with steady trade continuing well into the fifties.

During the fifties trade at the stall gradually increased customers began to buy direct from the nursery, cut-flowers of chrysanthemums and Dahlias now became the main income, along with tomatoes and some bedding plants. Steadily trade grew, the range of plants increased, and now with more customers visiting the actual nursery the stall was given up.

The seventies saw a period of major change, tired old greenhouses were cleared to make way for modern aluminium glasshouses with a much larger sales area and car park. During this time shrubs, conifers and hardy perennials gained in popularity and, as peoples knowledge increased, so too did their desire for gardening to become more professional. Not just desiring plants but quality composts, pots, hanging baskets and garden chemicals, around this time many nurseries became "garden centres" adding furniture, bar be cues, etc to their range and unfortunately in a lot of cases neglecting their plant sales, but we felt that plants should always take centre stage and expanded the range and variety as much as possible.

Although the appearance of the site is constantly changing, nothing fundamentally has, we like to think the nursery is still unique in that, as far as possible, plants of the highest quality are produced on site to sell direct to the public at our lowest possible prices.

Methods of production have changed considerably, in the past, hundreds of different plants were produced by hand, now, thousands of shrubs perennials & hardy plants are produced alongside millions of bedding and patio plants, using the latest machinery, robotic trans-planters,automatic irrigation and computer controlled benches, although most production is still on site, due to lack of space, some of the larger specimen and rarer plants are produced by our associate growers here in the U.K., Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and New Zealand but no matter where or how our plants are grown the same core idea of top quality with low prices and a no nonsense approach remains. This is our past and the principles for our future.

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